The following is a description from the 2022 event – this will be updated in the fall with the 2023 event details. 

University Exploration Day is an opportunity for students to access the university campus in the areas of Arts & Science and the Dhillon School of Business.

​This event can accommodate up to 100 students. Students will spend the morning exploring in either the Faculty of Arts & Science, or in the Dhillon School of Business.  They will then cheer on the boat race teams as they race across the pool and compete in the weight challenges. Once the races are done, the students will round out their day learning more about the University of Lethbridge.

Faculty of Arts and Science: Join the Faculty of Arts & Science for a hands-on, engaging morning! On the day of the event, students will sign up for 2 of the following 6 sessions:

  • Try your hand at coding and robotics
  • Enter the lab and put your mixing skills to the test
  • Explore the micro world with iGEM
  • Learn about the science of kinesiology and use motion capture technology and simple experiments to understand what sends industrial athletes to the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat
  • Dig deep into the wonderful world of archaeology
  • Try a new angle on puzzles and problem solving


Dhillon School of Business: Join the Dhillon School of Business for a hands-on, engaging morning! Students will attend both of the following sessions:

  • Try your hand at buying and selling stocks. Learn how to buy and sell shares and see whether you make a million or lose your shirt!
  • Find out what it takes to run your own business. Try the business simulation for starting and running a new business and see how well you do!
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Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023

Time: 9:00am-2:30pm

Location: University of Lethbridge

Registration Process – link will be live mid-September 2023:

  1. Mid-September – Registration request open
  2. October 18 – Request link closes
  3. October 25 – Schools receive school-specific registration form containing their allocation
  4. November 1 – Deadline for student names and contact information

***Spots at the event are NOT guaranteed through the request form – please wait until you receive your school registration form to confirm your number of spots.


Need more information? Check out the Teacher’s Package here: Teacher package – University Exploration Day (2022 package – updated packing coming in August)

2023 General Event Schedule (individual schedules are available in the Teacher’s Package):

9:00 – check in and movement of students to assigned areas
9:20-11:55 – students participate in either Dhillon School of Business or Faculty of Arts & Science sessions
11:55-12:25 – lunch ***students must bring a bag lunch***
12:25-2:00* – students cheer on the boat races and weight challenge
2:00-3:00* – University of Lethbridge 101 session

*This schedule is based on the posted schedule for the Cardboard Boat Races; the actual schedule will flex with the races. Immediately following the races, the UED students will participate in “University of Lethbridge 101” presentation, which will wrap up at approximately the same time as the CBR Awards Ceremony.

Parking Information (effective November 2, 2017)

Bus parking is available in Lot Q (outside the stadium) and will not require a pass.  Please park in the gravel area at the stadium.

General vehicle parking is available in Lot N for $1.50/hour up to a maximum of $10.00 for a full day of parking.

Please be aware that parking in any of the other lots could result in ticketing.  Career Transitions is not responsible for any parking tickets issued to participants.

Lethbridge College
Career-Transitions-Partners-University of Lethbridge