Intro to the Trades Video

Intro to the Trades is an exciting, hands-on program offered by the Pathways Partnership of Southern Alberta. The PPSA is made up of representatives from Career Transitions, Lethbridge College and school division partners including Lethbridge, Holy Spirit, Horizon, Palliser, Livingstone Range and Westwind.  Students enrolled in schools from these divisions are eligible to apply for this program. Contact your school principal or off-campus coordinator for more details.

Intro to the Trades allows students to explore and experience 12 trades including plumber, welder, carpenter, electrician, power line technician, wind turbine technician, automotive technician, heavy equipment technician, agricultural heavy equipment technician, parts technician, cook, and baker through Level 1 of this innovative dual credit program.  Level 2 offers a focus on one of the following specific trades groupings: Transportation, Electrical, Construction and Culinary. Also available in 2023/24 is the Intro to Agriculture dual credit program.

Lethbridge College