Are you Inspired to Hire?

This is what Inspired to Hire can do for your business!

1. Create a platform for on going dialogue between schools and businesses

2. Support workforce development in Southwestern Alberta

3. Promote career-oriented experiential learning

4. Give your business exposure to grades 9-12 education and early access to future employees for a targeted and effective recruitment system

5. Drive on-going dialogue between schools and business to: 

  • voice needs and drive change in practices and attitudes
  • help tailor curriculum and programming to address current and future workforce skills needed
  • share best practices and programs

6. Help keep local talent local

7. Support company ‘Community Involvement’ initiatives

Company Profiles: Create and maintain company profiles to describe your budiness, highlight unique attributes and communicate your areas of need to future employees.

Career Coach Discussion Boards: Level the playing field for students by enabling them, regardless of socioeconomic background, or urban/rural setting, to connect with real people for career advice and encouragement. Students can better understand occupations they are interested in by submitting question to Career Coaches. They can post questions, contribute to threaded discussions and learn from past student posts. Finally, students can view Career Coaches' biographies to learn about their background.

Communication Tools: Enables companies and educators to send targeted messages about career development opportunities to students who most need the information. Your company can publicize career development activities (ie: summer internships) to students who have indicated interest in careers you employ. Educators can communicate with employers to coordinate field trips, scholarship applications, etc.